Structured Silver for US Health Professionals

pH Structured Silver is available exclusively through qualified healthcare practitioners, providing patients access to structured silver directly through their healthcare provider.

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Structured Silver for US Health Professionals

Structured Silver Solution and Silver Gel

pH Structured Silver is made with an advanced technique that allows us to produce a pure, safe, bioavailable, and effective form of silver - one of the best on the market. It is made using structured water and pure silver, providing ideal access to silver.

pH Structured Silver liquid is formulated to have a mild alkaline pH level of 7.3 - 7.5, making it optimal for performance at the cellular level, while the gel is specially formulated to match the natural slightly acidic pH level of human skin.

pH Structured Silver is available in two forms:

  • as a liquid: 30 ppm structured silver solution for internal and topical use
  • as a gel: 25 ppm structured silver gel for topical use

Clinically Analyzed

In a first of its kind epigenetic study done on silver, ex vivo human skin samples were wounded, and then treated with pH Structured Silver. The entire complement of human genes (20,000+) was analyzed, and four days post-wound showed statistically very significant changes in gene expression in wounded skin tissues versus controlled.

Of the 88 genes widely recognized in wound healing, 59 of these genes were regulated with more than a 2x expression. One example, dermcidin – which has been shown to be lacking in the skin of psoriasis patients and other inflammatory/infectious skin conditions like acne - was expressed over 9-fold, showing that pH Structured Silver enhances anti-inflammatory and immune modulating genes.

pH Structured Silver - A New Standard For Today's Oral Silver Solution

Molecular Structuring Technology

A new methodology based on biochemistry and biophysics using energetically structured water and silver nanoparticles enabled us to produce a pure, safe, bioavailable, and effective form of colloidal silver called “structured silver”. It has a specific nanoparticle size, electron configuration, magnetic resonance, and pH level.

Looks, Smells, and Tastes Like Water

It has only 2 ingredients - 99.9970% molecularly structured water with 0.0030% silver nanoparticles – and is free of additives, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients. It has an exceptionally low dyne count enabling quicker absorption with a high zeta potential ensuring the silver will not fall out of solution.

pH Balanced

pH Structured silver is formulated to have a mild alkaline pH level of 7.3 – 7.5 making it optimal for performance at the cellular level

pH Structured Silver Gel is specially designed for the skin, bringing the many benefits of structured silver to situations where “staying in place” is important. Our silver gel is specially formulated to match the natural slightly acidic pH of human skin and is petroleum free.

Gels that are overly acidic can cause dryness, cracking and bleeding, while ones that are too alkaline can leave an unsightly residue.

pH Structured Silver Gel features 25 ppm (parts per million) structured silver gel and is ideal for topical application.

Each contamination-proof container holds 2 fluid ounces (56ml) of pH Structured Silver Gel.


Travel size applicator bottles

Each bottle is easily refillable with the 16 oz bottle.

It can fit in a purse, desk, pocket, or glove box and is small enough to pack in a carry-on bag when flying.


The cleanroom environment has a direct impact on the safety of the manufacturing process by eliminating many everyday contaminants which could reduce the effectiveness of the silver. Utilizing Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) ensures product standards are consistently met. The use of these two systems together assures the repeatability of product quality.


While there are no known contraindications taking structured silver with other medications, foods, or beverages, it should be taken away from salt because sodium chloride ions bind with silver and can reduce its effectiveness.

Structured silver does not adversely affect good probiotic bacteria. Unlike antibiotics that can cause dysbiosis in the gut, structured silver is water soluble and does not damage the lipid walls of good bacteria. It only attacks pathogenic bacteria because their cell walls are water soluble. Less advanced forms of silver do not contain pure silver and consist of particulate contaminants that could contribute to problems such as argyria. Argyria is a condition that is caused from excessive overexposure to impure silver compounds, such as silver salts, that build up in the body and aggregate in fat. It can also occur with concentrated silvers that have an extremely high ppm.

Structured silver is proven to be safe when taken as suggested, which the label states as 2 teaspoons 2 times a day for adults

Structured silver consists of pure metallic silver, which the Merck Index identifies as being non-toxic to humans (Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 1999 Section 226 Toxic Nephropathy) and has antimicrobial activity. According to the IRIS report, silver is non-toxic at 5000mg/kg of body weight and 90-99 percent of ingested silver leaves the body within 24 hours.

Wholesale Silver for Professionals

pH Structured Silver is available exclusively to health professionals. Pricing and ordering information is provided to approved health professionals only.

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