Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

I am a patient - where can I find some pH Structured Silver near me?

To find a local practitioner that is carrying pH Structured Silver near you, please contact us and we will individually answer your question.

I'm not a health professional. Can I buy pH Structured Silver?

pH Structured Silver is only available to certified health professionals and their patients through their clinics.

What is the bottle size?

pH Structured Silver comes in 16 fluid ounce bottles (473 ml.)

How many servings are in a bottle? How long does a bottle last?

Each bottle contains 48 servings of 2 teaspoons. If taken twice daily ("two teaspoons twice a day"), each bottle contains 24 days of servings for one person over 75 lbs. For a person under 75 lbs and a serving size of only 1 teaspoon taken twice daily, each bottle contains 48 days of servings.

What is the gel size?

pH Structured Silver gels come in 2 fluid ounce cylinders (56ml) that feature a contamination-proof pump.

Suggested use?

pH Structured Silver can be taken orally (internally) or topically (applied to skin or a wound.)

For oral use, the label states, "People over 75 lbs: 2 teaspoons twice daily. People under 75 lbs: 1 teaspoon twice daily. Not intended for children 4 years and younger."  We suggest holding or lightly swishing the liquid in the mouth for 3-5 minutes before swallowing.

The gel has this topical direction on the label, "Apply generously to the skin as needed."

For additional questions and concerns, please speak with your trusted health professional.  Proper application is essential for best results.


Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.  A full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping costs) will be made on returned and unopened items. For details, click here.

Will it help with a specific health situation?

In compliance with regulations, we are not permitted to, nor will we, comment on any specific health condition. Questions submitted by phone, email, or other communication can unfortunately not be answered.

How does it compare with other silver products?

We do not specifically comment about other products' characteristics, safety or efficacy.

What are the ingredients?

pH Structured Silver's structured silver water has just two ingredients: silver and water.  This is measured in parts per million, or ppm.  For every million parts of structured silver water, 30 are elemental silver and 999,970 are water.

pH Structured Silver gel contains 25 ppm silver along with purified structured water, caprylyl glycol EHG, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, and citric acid.

Storage requirements?

Storage at room temperature is recommended.

International orders?

At present, orders can only be placed with a shipping address in the United States or Canada.

I'm a Canadian. Where do I go for orders?

Click here for Canadian pH Structured Silver orders.

Why did an International fee appear on my credit card?

A small percentage of orders placed from the United States have an extra banking charge added by your bank or credit card company. This fee is not collected by pH Structured Silver, which has Canadian offices. If you are charged a fee, please check with your bank or credit card company about how you can avoid this charge in the future.

Can I choose a different carrier than the shipping options displayed in the shopping cart?

Our shopping cart automatically checks the shipping rates of multiple carriers and then displays a limited selection of the best options for your address. If you require a different carrier, please contact us and we will see what other options are available.

I just placed my order. Now what?

Order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided shortly. Tracking information will be sent to the same address once your package leaves our warehouse, which typically happens within 2 business days. If you receive no email from us within 2 business days, please contact us at 1-800-494-5205.

Additional questions? Phone orders?

Please give us a call at 1-800-494-5205. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.



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